What Other Herbalife Reviews Are Missing

If you are reading this post, then you are probably thinking about becoming a Herbalife distributor or getting started on the Herbalife products.  I would like to provide an honest and brief review of this company as well as cover the most important, overlooked information, that all other Herbalife reviews are not telling you (this one piece of information easily determines your success or failure with Herbalife should you choose to join).

Disclaimer:  I am not Read more »

GBG Business Review – The Pros And Cons

gbg businessIf you are reading this GBG business review, then you are probably doing some research on the company.  If you are seriously looking into working with GBG (Guided By God), then I believe this review will be helpful by giving you insider information to the pros and cons of working with this company (from a third party perspective).   Read more »

My Lead System Pro Review – How It’s Greatest Weakness Can Make You Rich

My Lead System Pro reviewI would say that 99% of the population that is even thinking about starting a home based business is absolutely clueless about what is actually needed to be successful.  Most people are looking at all the wrong things…the products, compensation plans, and management team.  Most of the time, these things don’t really matter at all.  What matters is the value that you can bring to the market place.  What most people are looking for is a magic ticket or system that can bring them their desired results, which in this case is more money.  That is why I wanted to write an indepth review of this giant Read more »

Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Joining A Network Marketing Business

The Network Marketing industry has a bad reputation.  When most people hear the words, network marketing, they run.  All they can picture is someone chasing them, trying to get them to sell vitamins, lotions, and makeup.  They immediately think of pitching all of their friends and family on the business opportunity.  This is not appealing to most people.  In this article, I want to share with you what I believe is the truth about network marketing and why I believe you should consider this industry as a career.  Here are my top 5 reasons that I believe you should consider joining a network marketing business. Read more »

4 Scentsy Success Tips That Will Drastically Increase Your Income

Scentsy success

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Scentsy is a fantastic company that has been around for some time now.  Being a distributor with Scentsy can be very lucrative if you know how to take advantage of modern day marketing and recruiting methods.  I wanted to give you a few tips that will drastically increase Read more »

Church Fundraising On Steroids

Church fundraising ideasWith the current economic conditions, many churches experienced a dramatic decline in revenue.  Maybe your church is struggling to pay the bills, or maybe you are not able to do the things you are used to doing.  Maybe you are not able to support the amount of missionaries that you used to, or maybe you are not able to provide the necessary things to your youth that would equip them in the power of God.

I want to take this time to present to you an idea that could completely explode your church’s revenue.  Let’s get straight to the point Read more »

Michelangelo Lopez Review – My 64,450% ROI From University Of Internet Science

michelangelo lopez review

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Ok, let me start off by saying that I am not totally sure that my math is correct (reference the 64,450% in title).  However, this is a very radical but true statement that I will explain in this Michelangelo Lopez review.

I started off in my path of ‘making millions’ in the online world Read more »

Raleigh Weight Loss – Trim The Excess Fat In 8 Days

Do you live in the Raleigh, NC area, and are looking to lose weight?  Continue reading to connect with your local Xyngular distributor.

It is amazing that everywhere I go, whether it is the grocery store or the park, there are people with weight problems.  You would have to have been living as a hermit to not acknowledge that there is a huge obesity problem in our nation.  It is an epidemic.  We live in such a fast paced society Read more »

Xyngular Review – How We Filled The Gaping Hole

If you are reading this Xyngular review, then you are probably either doing some research on on the company’s products or the business opportunity.

In this Xyngular review, I will cover pertinent information about Xyngular including the products, the opportunity, and the compensation plan.  I will be as detailed as possible, but brief.  I also hope to give you the information you need in order to position yourself for quick success in Xyngular, should you feel that this company is the right one for you.  There is one gaping hole that we have found in the network marketing industry, and we have completely filled that hole.  I will share Read more »

Dani Johnson Review – How I Got Digitally Rebuked

I came across Dani Johnson online just a few months ago, and man was I in for a surprise! The first thing that hooked me was that Dani is a genuine believer in Christ and the power of God.  My main atraction to her message initially was when I heard her say that supernatural miracles and healings have happened in her “business” seminars.  This caught me because I am also a believer that is passionate for both business and preaching the gospel all over Read more »