Dani Johnson Review – How I Got Digitally Rebuked

I came across Dani Johnson online just a few months ago, and man was I in for a surprise! The first thing that hooked me was that Dani is a genuine believer in Christ and the power of God.  My main atraction to her message initially was when I heard her say that supernatural miracles and healings have happened in her “business” seminars.  This caught me because I am also a believer that is passionate for both business and preaching the gospel all over the world.  Rarely do you find people that are doing both AT THE SAME TIME!  I hope that after reading this Dani Johnson review, that you would consider taking some of her training that could launch your business into another level.

I could go on and on about all the techniques and sales tricks I learned from Dani from watching her videos and buying her products, but there is one thing that totally flipped my thinking upside down.  I got digitally rebuked.  The revelation I got could probably hardly be called that by most people, but it is something that I needed.  And that was this…if you learn how to communicate and deal with people, you will be wildly successful in life.  I realized that I was pursuing business tips, tricks, and secrets instead of honoring and valuing people.  Money does not come from products.  Money does not come from websites.  Money comes from PEOPLE.  When you learn how to deal with people, you learn how to make money.

This revelation came like a smack in the face to me as I have been an avid internet marketer for a few years now, and have always tried to polish my copywriting skills in order to cause people to give me money.  It almost feels wrong saying it now, but I now understand the process.  There is a way to have integrity in business.  There is a way to make CRAZY amounts of money in a righteous and godly way.  And that way is to value and honor people more than the money they have.  If you will genuinely help people, you will have more money than you know what to do with!

Dani Johnson’s message has totally changed my relationships in the past few months.  I used to go to work and just walk past everyone without talking to them.  I realized how shallow my relationships were.  I was working and living next to people that I had no clue about.  I knew nothing about them.  I didn’t know what their passions were.  I didn’t know what their families looked like. I realized that people are not looking for us to be perfect and follow all the rules.  They are not looking for us to just be good all the time.  People all around us are looking for love.  They are yearning on the inside to be valued.

If you get this revelation it will change your business.  It will change your relationships.  I truly recommend that you check out Dani Johnson’s website.  It will change your life, regardless of what you do for a living or what your calling is.  She will help you to communicate with people.  Dani Johnson is a woman that went from being homeless to making millions in the network marketing industry.  If you are in network marketing, this is the woman you want to learn from if you want to make crazy money!

Dani Johnson will help you understand people.  Once you learn people, you can be wildly successful in this industry.  But before you can be wildly successful, you must have the people to talk to.  Although Dani recommends buying leads to call, I recommend generating your own leads for free!  Learn to generate your own leads, and communicate with them effectively, and you will write your own ticket in life!

Once you learn how to market effectively, you can close your eyes, pick an opportunity, and make money!

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