GBG Business Review – The Pros And Cons

gbg businessIf you are reading this GBG business review, then you are probably doing some research on the company.  If you are seriously looking into working with GBG (Guided By God), then I believe this review will be helpful by giving you insider information to the pros and cons of working with this company (from a third party perspective).  

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with GBG, although I was ‘considered’ a distributor for a very short time.  At the time that I was affiliated with the company, I was just looking at various companies and trying to find the best one for me.  I ordered GBG’s product, 10-In-One Vitamin, to try.  I never actually worked the GBG business.  The information in this GBG business review is now considered 3rd party information.

GBG is a nutritional, network marketing company founded by Stuart Finger.  They have two flagship products, GBG 10-in-1 vitamin, and Willpower In A Bottle (weight loss product).  GBG is really good about not making false claims about their products.  This is a great thing if you are looking to work the GBG business as there is very little concern to this company being shut down for fraudelent claims.  I really liked GBG’s 10-in-one Vitamin and I believe this product lives up to it’s description.  The price for both the vitamin and the weight loss products are $40 per month (for each product).

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The one major downfall I see with this company is that they make it pretty hard to be a retailer of the product.  The reason it would be hard to retail this product as a distributor is because GBG will not pay you a commission on one time purchases.  The only way that people can order product from your GBG business replicated website is by being put on autoship.  This means people have to sign up to automatically have their card deducted every month for the product.  This is a huge negative, as many people are automatically turned off when they come to your website only to see that they have to order a product on autoship (even if they just want to try it out).  You could put in one time orders for product from your back office although you will not be paid a commission.

The good thing about GBG is that their business model is very simple and affordable for everyone.  They only have 2 products, and the same price point for each ($40).  This makes it very simple for people to choose what they want.  The GBG compensation plan is a 2×10 forced matrix.  The marketing ploy behind a 2×10 matrix is that you just sign up 2, who sign up 2, who sign up 2, and soon you will be reach because of the duplication and spillover.  This hardly ever happens.  However, if you are serious about working the GBG business opportunity, then this is a company that you can build a good income with.

To get started with GBG as a distributor, all you have to do is order one product on autoship at $40/mo, and your business is free.  You can make money with GBG with just a $40/mo investment in their product.  They do have an option to become a platinum business builder for $399 (one time fee).  This enables you to max out the compensation plan and make more money off of those that sign up as a platinum business builder.  The other negative that I see with this company is that you would have to enroll hundreds of people to make any substantial amount of money.  You only get paid $1 per person per month in your matrix.  GBG does pay out a $10 fast start bonus (unless you are a platinum business builder – then you get $20 fast start bonuses) on your personal enrollee’s first order.  There are not many people that are going to go out there and enroll hundreds of people, but if you are serious, then it can be done.

Be blessed,
James Starr

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