Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Joining A Network Marketing Business

The Network Marketing industry has a bad reputation.  When most people hear the words, network marketing, they run.  All they can picture is someone chasing them, trying to get them to sell vitamins, lotions, and makeup.  They immediately think of pitching all of their friends and family on the business opportunity.  This is not appealing to most people.  In this article, I want to share with you what I believe is the truth about network marketing and why I believe you should consider this industry as a career.  Here are my top 5 reasons that I believe you should consider joining a network marketing business.

1.  Low Startup Cost
You get to start and run a legitimate business for a ridiculously low price.  Most network marketing companies allow you to join for less than $1,000.  And the monthly expenses for these same companies are usually less than $200/mo.  Compare this to starting a brick and mortar business.  You would need at least 100K to start most normal brick and mortar businesses, such as a pizza joint, hair salon, fitness gym, etc.  With network marketing, it doesn’t take much to get you into profit, and in most cases this can be done in your first 30 days with a little bit of work.

2.  No Headaches
You have the luxury of owning your own business without all the headaches that you would normally face when starting a business.  With network marketing, you don’t have to create the products, store the products, create the graphics and labels, ship the products, manage customer service and staff personnel, manage payroll, etc.  All of the company employees are managed and taken care of by the management team that you have partnered with in your network marketing company.  This means you can focus only on the things that will make you money.  And the overhead is nothing compared to most businesses.

3.  Employ A Sales Force and Uncapped Income Potential
With your own business, your income is not limited like at a job.  With network marketing, not only will you get paid well for your efforts, but you will also get to employ the efforts of other people.  Build a sales force of 50 people in network marketing, and you get to enjoy overrides on all of the volume that they bring to the company.  This beats the heck out of only getting paid off of your hard work.  Why not get paid off of someone else’s hard work?

4.  Tax Advantages
This reason is one of my favorites.  When you run a business, you get to enjoy all of the tax breaks that are available to small business owners.  If you use your phone for business, you get to write it off.  If you use your car for business, you get to write it off.  If you use your computer and internet for your business, you get to write it off.  Get the idea?  If you go to Hawaii, and share your opportunity with someone on the beach, you get to write it off (Ok, you might need to be careful with that last one).  Of course, you need to follow all the rules that the government has set up, and I advise you to get professional advice from a tax attorney.  But if you follow the rules, and keep good records, you will save a boatload of money at tax time.  I personally believe that if people knew the tax advantages to owning a home based business, everyone would have one even if they never made a profit.  It is worth it just for the tax advantages alone in my personal opinion.

5.  The Internet
The internet has changed the face of network marketing.  30 years ago, you were pretty much limited to marketing to the people that you knew that lived close to you.  Now with the internet, you can market your products and opportunity all over the world utilizing the internet and the power of social media.  Some of the most powerful technology available today is absolutely free.  People like Justin Bieber have become famous utilizing free social media sites like Youtube and Twitter.  Also, with the internet you can target people who are actively looking for exactly what you have.

I hope this information has changed the way that you perceive network marketing.  If this information has ejected the criticisms that you might have had towards this industry, then you just may want to look into network marketing as a main income source for you and your family.  I have a friend that worked a network marketing opportunity very hard for about 8 months in 1995.  He only worked for 8 months, and is still to this day getting paid residual income from the efforts of the sales force that he built in that short time.  His income has even peaked up to $40,000 per month.  How is that for a little bit of work?

Be Blessed,
James Starr

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